We do same day delivery around Metro Manila on Monday-Saturday. Cut-off is at 3PM.


Who are we?

Fruit Loot aims to provide imported, high quality and nutritious fruits to Filipinos who live in a tropical climate at a fair price and in the quickest, most hassle-free way possible.

Dedication to Quality

The fruits are air flown or shipped regularly from our international partners to our local storage facility, where they are kept at optimum temperature to ensure freshness and the highest of quality when they are delivered to your doorsteps just one day after you order. 

At Fruit Loot, we want you to satisfy your fruit cravings suited for your healthy lifestyle without having to leave the comfort of your homes.

Our Fruits From Around The Globe

We only offer the freshest fruits from all over the world—Asia: Taiwan, China, Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam; United States: California and Washington; Australia: Tasmania, Perth, New South Wales and New Zealand; and South America: Chile and Argentina.

Commitment to Service

As much as we value the quality of our fruits and our customers, we also give importance to our employees who have remained loyal to their commitment of serving you. In line with the current situation of the coronavirus in the country, we have taken steps to ensure the safety of both our customers and employees. Rest assured that we at Fruit Loot put your your well-being, and that of our people, as top priority, always.