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Vitamin C Basket

Vitamin C Basket

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Vitamin C is responsible for strengthening our immune system, repairing our body tissues, healing our wounds, and a lot more, that’s why it’s so important to our bodies!

The recommended daily amount for vitamin C for adults is 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) a day. This box contains 5 of the highest fruits with vitamin c! 

  • Oranges (70 mg) 
  • Lemons  (53 mg)
  • Pomelos (61 mg)
  • Green kiwi (90 mg)
  • NZ Gala Apples (10mg)

Send this package to your loved ones and remind them to take their vitamin c and stay safe in the most natural way!

This basket contains: 

8 pcs NZ royal gala apples

4 pcs green kiwi 

5 pcs Australian Navel Oranges

5 pcs Lemons

1 pc Davao Pomelo

1 basket 

You may opt to add a pack of strawberries!